EBC*L Certificate

The EBC*L certification system consists of a publicly available learning target-catalogue for each competence level and an international standardized examination.


The EBC*L leverls are:

  • Stufe A: Business Basis
  • Stufe B: Business Planning
  • Stufe C: Leadership
Die EBC*L Stufen A, B und C

EBC*L Certificate Level A
EBC*L Certificate Level B
 EBC*L Certificate Level C


Successful candidates get the certificate, issued by the International Centre of the EBC*L and the Council Business Competence for Europe.

Preparation Courses
The courses preparing the candidates for the EBC*L examination are conducted by local training institutions and universities as well as universities of applied sciences. All of them are accredited partners of the Representation Office in the particular country and fulfil the fixed quality standards. The preparation courses per level comprise 40 to 60 hours.


Preparation Material
The preparation for the EBC*L examination can be done in English or German language by means of certified preparation instruments such as

  • Books
  • E-learning-Programmes (CD-ROM, Internet)
  • Trainings material