EBC*L Levels

The Fitting (Business) Competence for Every Step of the Career Ladder!



Level A: Business Economy Core Knowledge

Qualified person in production, sales and administration

You know the economic targets of a business enterprise and the specific language used by business people. This makes you a competent partner and contact person disposing of basic entrepreneurial competences.



Business Objectives and Management Ratios




Costing and Pricing


Business Law

Level B: Planning Knowledge

Key employees with planning competencies
You know how to draw up and argue business plans for projects and enterprises under economic criteria and have the necessary know-how to develop budgets.



Business Plan


Marketing and Sales


Financial Planning (Budgeting),


Pre-Investment Analysis and Profitability Analysis

Level C: Management Knowledge | From autumn 2011

Executive manager
You know the economical instruments for the management of an enterprise and its departments as well as the conditions and procedures of an effective personnel management.



Management of Organizations and Processes


Management of Personnel


Human Resource Management