International Standard

An international initiative comprising notable participants coming from the business world, science, the educational sector and politics once aimed at the sustainable dissemination of economical core knowledge. Since then the EBC*L certificate has been the key element of this initiative.


EBC*L sets an international standard in economic education containing


  • a LEARNING TARGET CATALOGUE which is internationally effective. This learning target catalogue was compiled in close co-operation between economy and science comprising all relevant practical business topics. The learning target catalogue focuses on economic core knowledge, less relevant marginal topics were deliberately omitted.


  • An internationally standardized EXAMINATION The EBC*L examination is carried out exactly the same, no matter in what country or at what educational institution. Only those having achieved 75 % of the points possible tob e obtained are given the EBC*L certificate as they have given proof of their excellent economic know-how.


    The EBC*L certificate gives evidence of the fact that the candidate has successfully learnt and understood the economic topics determined in the learning target catalogue. There is no difference in where he or she did the examination.