EBC*L – The International Certificate for Business Competence

The European Business Competence* Licence, EBC*L is established internationally as the standard of education in business administration.

The EBC*L Certificates, Level A, B and C

It offers, with its three levels A, B and C, the possibility to prove exactly the practice-relevant economical core knowledge which is necessary in economic life.

Renowned enterprises like ABB, Bayer Leverkusen, EDEKA Hamburg, EVONIK, VW Wolfsburg, Trenkwalder, Uniqa, Siemens and many more have integrated EBC*L into their career programme and so the certificate enhances your career chances.

At the moment the EBC*L examination can be done in 31 countries and in 24 languages.


More than 30.000 persons have already obtained an EBC*L certificate and most of them confirm as follows:


„EBC*L does not offer a merely theoretical knowledge but involves exactly the subjects I need for my actual daily work."


The EU Commission, Directorate-General for education and culture (Lifelong learning programmes) as well as the Directorate-General for enterprises and industry (CIP programme to enhance entrepreneurship) support EBC*L as a best practice showcase for entrepreneurship.

EBC*L preparation courses and examinations can only be done at  accredited EBC*L training and exam centres providing best quality standards and targeted preparation.



With the certified LifeManagement Program those keycompetences will be trained, which are strongly required by the economy on the one hand, on the other hand are necessary to cope successfully with the challenges in the private sector, those are:



  • The ECONOMIC COMPETENCE to achieve the best possible result with the available means in order to be able to make better-informed decisions (hard skills)



  • The SOCIAL COMPETENCE to recognize strengths, to find orientation, right be able to communicate and manage enterprises, crises and conflicts (soft skills)  


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