Extraordinary event in Paris: EBC*L Entrepreneurs Awards for successful Iranian Business-Women

Iranians Women’s Entrepreneurs who have achieved success or shown extraordinary leadership, passion and commitment, are recognised through the Excellence EBC*L Women Entrepreneur Awards, at  prestigious Gala Dinner in Paris. EBC*L considers several indicators for presenting prizes to different companies including entrepreneurship, innovation, branding, development of domestic industries, development of crafts, customer satisfaction, compliance with environmental and human values and social responsibility.     

They have made inroads in the business field and many are entrepreneurs today, providing employment to men, further enjoining their equal halves to be involved in the national development process.

Fighting against myths

Many common myths and misconceptions to overcome about women in Iran is that they are seen, but not heard, that they’re not permitted to drive and that entrepreneurship and positions of power are out of reach.  These notions are wrong.  For years, women in Iran have owned and managed businesses, many of them in male dominant industries like oil and gas, construction, mining, and now tech. According to the Iran Fifth Development Plan statistics, the rate of female entrepreneurs has increased from 7.1% to 8.4% in 2015.

Venue and programme

EBC*L Women Entrepreneur Awards will be held at Westin Paris Vendôme in Paris on 3 November 2016. The Speakers will be:

Dr. Azim Fazlipour

Head of EBC*L Iran

MMag. Victor Mihalic

Head of EBC*L International

The value of the EBC*L certificate is recognized by Qredits

On 4 November, an agreement has been signed between Qredits and EBC*L, where Qredits declares that the certificates of EBC*L for students and entrepreneurs are important when applying for a loan.

Qredits was founded by the banks and provides loans to € 150,000. With the recognition of the EBC*L certificate by Qredits, it is for student entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs even more important to be well prepared for operations by attending a training course at EBC*L accredited organizations.

The value of the EBC*L certificate is recognized by Qredits. This means that Qredits has confidence in the economic competences of the owner of the EBC*L certificate and thus relies on a successful business.


For more information: www.ebcl.nl and www.qredits.nl